Theater van de publieke ruimte SCENE A ‘het podium’

oct. 2018 - may 2019

Theater van de publieke ruimte is a project by Frank & Roel Kerkhofs in collaboration with De Markten. A stage was built with green concrete wood panels. Transducers were installed underneath the panels enabling the stage to vibrate. Frequencies are created through these mechanical vibrations. Mick Lemaire performed on the stage, launching pre recorded movements of things happening on the platform. (Kids playing football, a rolling rock, moving chair, etc.) using contact microphones. On top of the sounds, he then played the synthesizer, a crash cymbal, a floor tom, and a guitar whilst trying to find the right frequencies to bring the stage to life.

The stage is provided with a six month sound installation currently running from nov. 2018 until may 2019 at De Markten.

Just Hanging

9 nov - 8 dec 2013

Performed by Mick Lemaire at W139 in Amsterdam for Liberty Inviting Artists To Take Part. The Atelier for Mixed Media at LUCA School of Arts, had been invited in 2013 by W139 to reflect on the role of the (young) artist as initiator and curator of art manifestations and the position of a contemporary art centre.


l’Acteur Orbite

24 feb. 2018

Lecture performance with Lucie Guien for SABIR LA NUIT #1 an event created by SABIR, a magazine with the main focus on creating contemporary literature.

Have a look at SABIR’s project here

Musée Museum

4 aug. 2014 - 7 nov. 2017

Performance and Interpretation of text excerpt for the book launch of Musée Museum by Roel Kerkhofs, Tina Ameel & Dear Reader at Zsenne Art Lab

Text by Roel

Take a look inside


12 may 2016

Very loud synth & guitar doom-performance together with Raphael Absolonne a.k.a. SPOOKHUIS for BACKDROP at Pianofabriek Brussels          

Curated by Roel Kerkhofs  

museum night fever

Museum Night Fever

3 march 2018

Sound performance at Mima Museum for the sound installation by Gogolplex. The performance consisted of musical Improvisations during the recordings by Gogolplex of people telling their dreams.