De Krokodil van Scheutbos

26-29 apr. 2018

‘De krokodil van Scheutbos’ is a social-artistic project with kids and local inhabitants of the beautiful natural treasure called Scheutbos, located in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. During a theatrical walk through the forest kids and locals acted different scenes. Guides would lead the path for the spectator, while music was being played through the trees.

Music by Teuk Henri & Mick Lemaire



Dance solo inspired by the Zouglou movement.

Dance and choreography by Hippolyte Bohouo ,

Music by Mick Lemaire

In Wezen

28 may 2014

Dance Performance by Mathilde Ceuppens at Theater Scala Gent.

Live music by Mick Lemaire




work in progress…