Live Bands / Solo 

Verlanger aka Mick & Son Orgue Electronique

Brussels 16 feb. 2018

Live concert at Beursschouwburg for NiXiES Brussels 16 feb 2018. Verlanger is the solo project of Mick Lemaire.

Vertical Concert SPOOKHUIS

Brussels 8 oct. 2016

SPOOKHUIS at Rue de Flandre, Brussels. Vertical concert is a concept by Felix Kindermann, in collaboration with Les Ateliers Claus

3d floor - Raphael Absolonne on guitar

2nd floor - Tommy Denys on bass

1st floor - Eric Heestermands on drums

Ground floor - Mick Lemaire on keys

Brihang Fruitig

Brussels 25 sept. 2014

Listen to the album here

Playing 'Fruitig' with Brihang. Music By Mick Lemaire. Text by Brihang/Boudy Verleye Album: zolangmogelijk

Black Box Revelation MY PERCEPTION

Brussels 12 nov. 2015

Playing the Mellotron for a Black Box Revelation concert, Live on STUBRU and at Ancienne Belgique.